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Remember the days when it was unheard of for a lady to be seen without a fabulous hat? Well, we don’t really remember those days either. But, we do think that hat-wearing women always look so stylish. With the onset of spring, we’re all about bringing hats back. Take a look at styles we love and our picks below, and tell us what kind of chic chapeau you’ll be wearing as the weather gets warmer.


President Theodore Roosevelt first made this iconic hat famous during a visit to the Panama Canal. Now it’s your turn.  This stark white Mossimo hat with black grosgrain trim adds a feminine touch to a tomboy look—think chambray button-down and boyfriend jeans.

The cloche:
The sophisticated bell-shaped cloche hat is fittingly derived from the French word for “bell.” The chic cloche came onto the style scene around 1908, hitting its fashion stride in the roaring 1920s. Top off a fresh spring dress with one of these Mossimo cloche hats for a day out in the sun.
Mossimo Multicolor ClocheMossimo Red Cloche

Like spending your days out in the garden? Then, this wide-brimmed honey will do the trick. Traditionally worn by farmers, this practical hat has stuck around for decades. Merona’s updated version with a lovely bow would be the perfect pair to a classic white tee and jean shorts.

This timeless topper may have once been a man’s accessory—Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra and Indiana Jones were fans—but the fedora was actually named after a woman. The word hails the 1882 French play “Fedora,” in which Princess Fédora (played by Sarah Bernhardt in the American adaptation) wears a similar hat. Don’t worry—you don’t need to be named Fedora to actually wear one.  All you need is a little bit of confidence and a killer pair of sunglasses.
Mossimo 2-Tone Fedora with TrimMossimo Fedora with Floral Trim

What could be more glamorous than an oversized floppy hat? Plus, no need to worry about bad hair days—the wide brim masks any mane mishaps.  On your next seaside escape, don’t forget to bring the Mossimo colorblock hat for extra stylish sun protection.




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