Target Deals Duets

This Wednesday, Target is debuting its new cast of holiday characters in ads, commercials and online to get people excited for the upcoming shopping (er, we mean holiday) season.

Known as the Target Deals Duet, the irresistibly quirky singing-and-saving duo appears at moments when guests are making their most important gift-giving decisions.

After seeing the characters in action, we couldn’t help but give a sneak peek at some spots before they air. If you ever wished your life was a musical, then we’ve found your kindred spirits.

Similar to many Target guests, the Target Deals Duet are sale-obsessed and not afraid to shout (well, sing) it from the rooftops. They communicate through song, verse and Christmas carols, of course.

Just think of the Target Deals Duet as livelier Jiminy Crickets—a shopping conscience steering you in the right direction and shining a light on savings through (witty) words of wisdom.

While the Target Deals Duet may be invisible to the other characters in the holiday campaign—mom studying the Weekly Ad in prep for Black Friday; teens planning a doorbusting night out; dad scrambling for last-minute gifts—you as a viewer can’t (and won’t want to) miss these charming carolers in key moments throughout the season.

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