Target Style Resolutions

Every new year we try to break out of our daily drudgery by making resolutions to shake things up. January is the classic time to get out of a rut, and what bigger rut is there than a style rut?

This year, shake up your wardrobe with these four essential resolutions, which will have you feeling more stylish in a snap.

Embrace Wild, Whimsical Color
Are you living in a world that’s predominantly black, brown and denim? Well this year, color is the new neutral. Take a risk and liven up a look with colored eye shadow, handbags, shoes or shades. Trade in a black coat for a punchy teal one, or basic jeans for cobalt blue.

Fabulous and Functional
It turns out that you don’t have to choose between fashion and function. If you’re carrying a bag simply because it’s roomy, has lots of pockets and doesn’t show dirt, remember that there are bags out there that have those features—plus they’re super-cute, too! There are plenty of options for comfortable, wearable basics and accessories that stand out instead of blend in.

Utilize What You Already Have
Take a good, hard look at your wardrobe—you might be surprised at what’s in there! If you’ve gotten into the routine of wearing the same things over and over, resolve to pull out those cute pieces and make new outfits from items you already own. (It feels almost as good as going shopping!)

Don’t Save Your Best Clothes for Special Occasions
Don’t save the best for last! If you have fabulous tops or skirts already in your wardrobe, make it a point to wear them regularly—just because. And if you see something you love at a store, don’t pass it by just because you don’t have formal functions coming up. Work is a good enough excuse to look good.

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