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So we didn’t go all the way around the world with Mindless Behavior, but we’re certainly over the moon. We’re thrilled that the teen quartet—Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton—will be releasing a Target exclusive deluxe edition of their highly anticipated second album, “All Around the World.” It hits stores March 12 and is available for preorder on Target.com now.

The album will feature four exclusive bonus songs, four unique album covers and a download to an exclusive version of “All Around the World” that includes lyrics written by the winner of the fan contest, “Your Lyrics, Their Voices.” While the winner won’t be announced till later this week, Mindless Behavior has already recorded the winning fan’s lyrics from the Facebook contest.

“Getting the chance to collaborate with our fans musically is a way for us to connect with them and take the Mindless movement to the next level!” said the band.

Mindless Behavior
Mindless Behavior
Mindless Behavior
Mindless Behavior
Mindless Behavior

Below, we talk with the guys before the album hits stores.

What can fans expect from your new album?
Princeton: Fans can expect a more mature sound. There are fun dance tracks, but also songs that talk about our growth and experiences over the last year.
Roc Royal: Expect to be entertained and be ready to dance! This album is so real and relatable. It’s our story.
Prodigy: And of course we still have songs for the ladies!

How have you grown as a group since your first album?
Roc Royal: Wow, we’ve learned so much. Traveling and meeting so many people has allowed us to experience different things and has shaped who we’re becoming.
Prodigy: On the first album, we didn’t know anything! We had never even seen the inside of a real studio and we were literally learning everything for the first time. This time we knew what to expect. And now we’re ready to take what we’ve learned to the next level.

You guys are very close! Can you remember your first rehearsal together?
Princeton: Our first rehearsal was in August 2008, and it was Ray Ray’s first day in the group. We were all so nervous, but it was fun and we bonded very quickly.

How has the group chemistry evolved?
Princeton: Our bond is really strong, but the chemistry of the group took lots of work. We had to learn about each other and how to communicate without words. Now our chemistry is natural and that comes across on stage.

How does it feel to go from touring high schools to opening sold-out tours?
Prodigy: It feels amazing—we loved performing for schools because being with our fans is a great feeling. That said, seeing “sold out” next to our name on the marquee feels so great! It shows that all of our hard work is paying off.

Why partner with Target to offer fans four exclusive tracks?
Ray Ray: We love Target and we know that our fans do too!
Princeton: Target is the best place to buy music, so it was a huge deal to do an exclusive album with them. We’re so excited!

How was your first solo tour?
Roc Royal: Our first solo tour last summer was awesome. We chose to bring new fans up on stage every night. It was like a huge teen pep rally!
Ray Ray: It was great seeing the reaction from the fans each night—MB fans have the best energy in the world.

You’re all great dancers, but who has the best moves?
Prodigy: I have to say that we each bring a different style but what makes us great is how we work together.

What’s next?
Ray Ray: Our album drops March 12, our movie comes out on March 15 and we’re going on tour this summer! We’re excited and ready for the MB Takeover.

Below, Mindless Behavior previews the four exclusive Target tracks for the first time. Take a listen!

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