Indy 500. Photo by Kyle Hansen.

Racing fans and friends,

We’re glad to be back on A Bullseye View offering up more unsolicited advice and musings. So here it goes…

The 97th Indianapolis 500 is only a few days away. We’re nervous, excited and ready to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Did you know the stadium is a national historic landmark and the only one to be affiliated with automotive racing? Nearly every racing legend has competed on the Speedway’s hallowed ground, from Harroun, Foyt and Andretti to Gordon, Earnhardt and Rossi.

The stadium seats more than 250,000 people, making it the world’s largest spectator sporting facility. Talk about stage fright.

But we digress. The historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway has so many undiscovered nooks, crannies and customs. Lucky for you, we’ve never been good at keeping secrets, so we’re spilling the top spots around the stadium.

Bird’s eye view: You can see everything from the top level of the Pagoda, which has evolved over the years. Centered on the start-finish line, it has ten levels and reaches a height of 153 feet, which is equal to a 13-story building.

Coolest tradition: Most people miss the annual alarm, and it’s a shame! On race day morning, a military blast signals the opening of the gates.

Tastiest food: Mug n’ Bun is a delicious drive-in restaurant near the Speedway, so clearly, it’s our favorite place to eat post Indy 500. Try the Super Burger, and wash it down with their signature root beer.

Best sound: You’ve probably never heard us sing, and we’re extremely sorry about that. Before the Indy 500, we belt out “Back Home Again in Indiana” with the entire stadium for good luck.

Best seats in the house: Outside of turn one—you can see us up close and personal. If you’re lucky enough to grab a spot in trackside suites near turn two, you’re literally on the track.

See you soon!
Dario + Scott

Just a couple of teammates crossing the Yard of Bricks – Photo by Dana Garrett

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