A first place finish!

There’s way more to preparing for the Indianapolis 500 than spending hours on the track—just ask Target Chip Ganassi Racing drivers Dario Franchitti and Scott Dixon.

The duo was recently spotted at an Indianapolis Target store, completing a shopping trip in record time to stock up on everything needed for their motor coaches ahead of the big race on May 26. Yes, shopping is part of their annual practice regimen.

In between time trials (May 18-19) and the final practice run (May 24) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the motor coach serves as a place for the drivers to de-stress, so they try to make it as homey as possible.

Take a look at what ended up in their Target carts (lots and lots of chocolate), and find out Dario and Scott’s ultimate motor coach must-haves.

A couple of super guys in front of Super Target
At the starting line…
Dario faces off with C9 by Champion
He does the Dew
Guys gotta eat!
With all the interviews at the Indianapolis 500, the guys try to look sharp!
A new TV seemed like a good choice
Scott and Dario race through the aisles
Almost to the finish line…
A Target team member helps Scott check out
A first place finish!
Scott and Dario with the helpful Target Team

What are your motor coach must-haves?
Dario: Mostly DVDs and snacks—tons of snacks. We have such a healthy diet, but we try to sneak in some treats every once in a while, which is mostly chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. Today, an HD TV seemed like a good idea, so we’re really excited about that.
Scott: Most of the time I just relax in the motor coach. If I’m not lounging or sleeping, then I’m eating something I shouldn’t be, like chocolate and ice cream. Really healthy stuff, of course.

How long does a big trip like this usually take?
Dario: We’re pretty organized about the entire trip, so it only takes about 20 minutes. We’re racers, after all.
Scott: Yeah, Dario and I are definitely way faster than if I were to go shopping with my kids! We’ve got a big list, but we’re pretty fast.

Tell us about your recent Indy Target trip. We hear you were “spotted” by a few fans?
Dario: It was just really nice to feel the support from all the Target team members.
Scott: Racing is all about team atmosphere, so I think Target team members can really relate to that. They had fun asking us all sorts of quirky questions about road cars, what we drive when we’re not in uniform and more questions like that.

How do you feel going into the Indianapolis 500 this year?
Dario: I’m always a little nervous since the 500 is such a big deal. The car was obviously very good last year [Editor’s note: We’d say so—he won!], so we’ll start there and see if we can improve upon it. The Target team is the best in the business, so hopefully we end up with a great car and another win.
Scott: I feel pretty good—it’s one of those months where you just have to take it one step at a time. I’m trying to keep a level head during these next few weeks before the race. We’ve got high expectations for ourselves, so both Dario and I will be aiming for another win.

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