Harley Viera-Newton Playlsit

A great playlist can get you through almost anything—a bad breakup, a hard run or a long workday. To help “EOD” get here faster, we asked DJ Harley Viera-Newton to curate her ultimate Spotify playlist. Known as one of New York’s top DJs, she couldn’t resist adding a couple remixed tracks by MS MR, Two Door Cinema Club and Daft Punk.

Did you turn up the volume? Good, but chances are you’re sitting at your desk right now listening with average ear buds. Well, we’ve got an insider tip for you—upgrade to the new Beats by Dr. Dre neon Mixr Headphones to hear the playlist in its intended glory.

These industry-changing headphones were actually built for DJs, so you know they’re legit (We can thank David Guetta for that one—he challenged Beats by Dr. Dre to create the perfect set of “ear cups” and the original Mixr prototypes).

Through June 2, Target will be the only retailer where guests can find Beats by Dr. Dre neon Mixr Headphones in the season’s hottest colors: neon blue, green, pink, orange and yellow.

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