George Franchitti Dario GoKart

Father’s Day is all about celebrating Dads and the amazing things they do for their children. One such dad is George Franchitti, father to #10 Target driver Dario Franchitti. It was George who inspired his son’s love of racing, a road that’s led him to become of the most decorated drivers in open-wheel racing history.

Dario has three Borg-Warner Trophies to his name, and he just brought home another prize after this year’s Indianapolis 500—the childhood go-kart that helped launched his career.

Growing up in Scotland, Dario learned the ways of the track from his racer fatherGeorge gifted his son his very first car in 1977 when Dario was just five years old—a yellow, blue and red go-kart.

“I bought the go-kart, which came in kit form—all bits and pieces—and bolted it together, then put it in the room for him on Christmas morning,” says his dad.

Since the moment Dario sat in the driver’s seat of that little car, he was hooked.

He’s traded in that old go-kart for his Target Chip Ganassi Racing Honda Dallarabut his childlike love for racing—and his first car—remains.

It had been almost 35 years since Dario last felt the steering wheel of the go-kart… until the morning of his 40th birthday, the same day as the Indy 500 time trials.

Dario’s mother had the great idea for George to track down and recondition the car. “So, that’s what I did,” says George.

On May 19th, the #10 Target Honda Dallara wasn’t the only car waiting for Dario in the on-track garage. Take a look at the video below—a touching tale of father, son and an unwavering passion for racing.


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