Kolohe Andino

Pro surfer, painter, photographer and playlist curator—just a few of the hats Kolohe Andino seems to wear. Not to mention runner up of this weekend’s Vans U.S. Open of Surfing.

Last week, we gave you a peek at his artistic side. This week, we’re delving deeper into two more of his creative cravings: photography and music. The 19-year-old surf champion combined both for his new Skullcandy Signature Series headphones, available in Target stores now.

Kolohe chose three headphones he uses the most while training and prepping for competitions for the custom collaboration. The packaging features personal photos taken by the amateur photographer, while testing out a new camera. Take a look below, and read on for our interview with Kolohe and his playlist picks.

What do you love most about your new headphones? I really like the maroon color we used—that’s one of the features I’m most psyched about. The packaging was also really important to me, and a fun way to share my photography. It was awesome combining so many things I like into one project.

Do surfing and music relate to each other for you? Music and surfing definitely relate. I always listen to music right before I surf for a little hyper burst of energy. It helps boost my level to 100 percent. Sometimes it’s slow, happy music, but right now, I’ve been digging a lot of rap.

So what songs are in heavy rotation on your iPod right now? Basically anything from The Game.

Favorite band? If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life, it would either be Ian Curtis or Joy Division—they definitely get me the most stoked.

How do you find out about new bands or music? I just got Spotify—I browse through it if I get bored with my own music.

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