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It’s Throwback Thursday (er, #TBT), and today we’re throwing back to the 80s! Back to the days when Molly Ringwald stole boys’ hearts and you spent hours in the bathroom trying to tease your bangs to look like Madonna’s.

The Excessive Eighties were a notorious decade for flashy fashion trends. Do you remember when scrunchies and jelly shoes went hand-in-hand? And who could forget about the iconic Members Only Racer Jackets sported by cool guys everywhere? The outrageous fads extended farther than your closet—Shrinky Dinks, Care Bears and Lite Brites are all classics in our book.

For a totally tubular #TBT, we rounded up a few of our favorite 80s-inspired toys, movies and fashions. FYI—if you like to wear your sunglasses at night, we picked out the perfect pair!

We also caught up with two Target friends—everyone’s favorite 80s kid, Punky Brewster (aka Soleil Moon Frye) and glam girl Sonia Kashuk—to chat about their top decade moments.

1. Pretty in Pink; 2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High3. Top Gun4. Back to the Future Trilogy; 5. The Breakfast Club6. Dirty Dancing7. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

1. Transformers Optimus Prime Mission Helmet; Lite Brite3Super Soaker;4. Slinky; 5. Care Bears; 6. Shrinky Dinks Deluxe 

1. Men’s Members Only Racer Jacket; 2. Scrunchies; 3. Girl’s Leggings; 4. Girl’s Jelly Shoes; 5. Blue Eyeshadow6. Neon Pumps; 7. Printed Jeans; 8Hair Spray; 9. Sunglasses

Below, Soleil and Sonia share their #TBT photos.

“Here I am way back on the set of ‘Punky Brewster’ when we did our fun fishing episode. I loved the 80s—the music, the style and the neon! I’m obsessed with that era, and I still have an affinity for jelly bracelets, leg warmers and Prince.”

“My iconic 80s moment was when I moved to New York City, and my career really took off. It was all about work and traveling to unbelievable places with amazing people. ‘Funkytown’ was a defining song of the decade and, incredibly enough, a defining song of my life. I was the stylist on the shoot, and when the makeup artist didn’t show I was tasked to take over, which eventually led to where I am today!”

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